Mario Badescu Haul & Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Mini-Review

My shipment from Mario Badescu just got here, and I wanted to share!


I’ve historically been pretty blasé about skincare– I wash my face with a haphazard grocery-store swirl of essential oils (castor, grapeseed, drop of tea tree). And the only sunscreen on my “vanity” comes in Sephora sample packs. But Arabelle’s experiments in robot skincare have been inspiring me to ramp up my efforts on that front. And spend even more money on things other than those grad school staples, ramen and books. (I only eat ramen so I can buy lip tars and second-hand Prada– I promise my white-collar labor isn’t been exploited to that extent.)

As part of a special promotion (which, obviously, enticed me to buy), Mario Badescu threw in a free 1 oz travel size of their Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. I’ve actually tried this before– I used it to set my makeup in a previous post, and I like to alternate it with the Urban Decay sprays based on my mood. MB’s offering doesn’t have all of UD’s bells and whistles– no pretensions to making your makeup last all night. But it is significantly cheaper– $7 for 4 oz as opposed to $30 for the same volume of an Urban Decay Spray. (It even costs less per ounce than Evian’s Mineral Water Facial Spray, which is literally drinking water in a spray bottle. Can someone explain that to me? #capitalism)

Honestly, I find MB’s stuff just as effective as Urban Decay’s Chill spray, with all its “cooling time-release” bluster. Both of them refresh, hydrate, and lend a slight dewiness to freshly powdered skin.

Mario Badescu’s facial spray smells strongly of rosewater, which I personally like– it’s an edible rose, like Turkish delight, not a fusty, grandmotherly scent. And it dissipates pretty quickly after you spray. 

Availability: $7 for a small size from Ulta or Amazon (as an add-on item); $7 for a small size or $12 for a full size from Mario Badescu, Nordstrom or They’ve also been known to appear on HauteLook and Gilt.

Quantity: 4 oz for a small size or 8 oz for a full size

This is the cute little travel size bottle.

This is the cute little travel size bottle. I don’t think you can actually buy this, at least not on their website?

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