Review, Swatches, Dupes & Giveaway: Makeup by One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss, Electroglam Mascara & Rock Me Nail Kit

Disclaimer: Press sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

I hope by now you’ve all had a chance to watch One Direction’s latest music video, for “Night Changes“. It’s this totally farcical polyandry fantasy– the boys are all as endearingly incompetent as young Anne Shirley. Based on that evidence, I feel like Niall would be the most fun to date. I’d just want to swap out his fireside board games for, like, Netflix or even turn-based video games. (But I still identify as a Zayn girl 5ever!)

Anyway, the whole thing was so ridiculous, it did nothing but feed my fantasies wrt ludicrous music videos. Basically I really want Harry to consent to appear in a  video for Taylor Swift’s “Style“– one that interprets the lyrics as literally as possible. Like, Amelia Bedelia-esque levels of literalism. He’d show up with his bad driving, long hair slicked back, white t-shirt, James Dean daydream look in his eyes, and so forth. And he’d histrionically lip sync the lines the song attributes to TSwift’s interlocutor. I feel like Harry’s good-natured enough to maybe pull it off…. If you’re in touch with Relevant Music Industry Bigwigs, plz pitch it to them and help me make it happen.

Anyway, in a spirit of celebrating musical absurdities, I’ve got another One Direction makeup review for you. After this, this blog will return to regularly scheduled programming and will no longer be, in the words of my pop music doyen, “1d af”. In the meantime, enjoy this reportage on brightly colored substances– some of which are meant to glow through the (UV-fractured) dark! Here we’ve got Liquilights Glow Gloss, Electroglam Mascara, and the Rock Me Nail Kit, all of which are limited edition and available as of November 15. If you like what you see, enter a giveaway here!

The three sets, though sold separately, are clearly meant to function as a coordinating suite. I think they work well in that capacity, for producing light-hearted, club-ready looks– although individual items can lean either Manic Pixie Dream Girl or high-concept avant-garde, depending on how you style them. In look in feel, these sets are very similar to One Direction’s first wave of makeup releases– the same brick wall motif on all the packaging, including the caps on the lipgloss tubes and nail polish bottles. The aesthetic’s a little more upscale than in the last collection of theirs I reviewed; accordingly, these are being stocked by department stores instead of big box stores. But the prices are still pretty modest– everything is $16.50!

Liquilights Glow Gloss

Liquilights Glow Gloss

Availability: $16.50 from Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Sears Canada

Quantity: 0.68 fl oz

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Review, Swatches, FOTD & Giveaway: Makeup by One Direction Limited Edition Beauty Collection

Disclaimer: Press sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Lately my music-listening habits have me cycling between Taylor Swift’s new album– 1989– and One Direction’s new album– Four. (My Portmanteau Couple Name for the two, of course, is the Orwellian 19 Eighty-Four. #OTP) Truly we live in an axial age of pop.

It’s been kind of a rough week– it’s the time of year when everyone’s sick and everything’s due. My advisor was nice enough to give me horehound lozenges for the former and something called “Emotional Ally Anxiety & Duress Aid” for the latter. But clearly what I really needed was more One Direction makeup!

Our favorite boyband’s put their name on another limited edition beauty release– a value set with six eyeshadows, four lip glosses, two nail varnishes, an eye pencil, and a lip gloss top coat. (Doesn’t that sound like a variant of the chorus to “Twelve Days of Christmas”?) The aesthetic here’s a lot like that of their earlier makeup release. But these tins are quite a bit smaller, and they’re being distributed by less upmarket stores. Accordingly, prices have been made even more accessible– I was frankly kind of surprised when I looked them up. You get several looks’ worth of product for less than the cost of one MAC lipstick.

There are five tins available for sale as of November 15. They all carry the same suite of products, but there’s a different band member on the packaging for each one. So go forth and choose your favorite 20% of One Direction. Or, following Pokemon logic, go and catch ’em all? I’ll give you a head start– enter a giveaway here.

I was lucky enough to get three tins-- Niall, Harry, and Bae. I mean, Zayn.

I was lucky enough to get three tins– Niall, Harry, and Bae. I mean, Zayn.

Availability: $12.98 from Sears; in stores at Kmart, Walmart Canada, and select Targets

Quantity: 0.52 oz of solid product and 0.48 fl oz of liquid

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Review, Swatches, Dupes & FOTD: One Direction Up All Night Makeup Kit

Full disclosure: I’m a Zayn girl.

So I’ve been friends with Larry fanfic luminary Jess– that’s figgingharry on Tumblr– since high school. We met at the most awesome nerd camp on the continental United States, and then we did undergrad together. Those were the pre-One Direction days. Now undergrad’s over, which is sad. But it does mean that I now have disposable income– enough to go visit Jess when they were doing research in Istanbul! (Paid for it out of my stipend by eating a lot of ramen and putting a moratorium  on trolling for second-hand designer eBay finds– never let ’em tell you  that you can’t live a glamorous jet-set lifestyle on a humanities grad school stipend, folks!)

TLDR; I now listen almost exclusively to One Direction. (And Taylor Swift. I hear the two fandoms don’t like each other, which is a species of tragedy.) So as a beauty junkie, I think I was morally obligated to buy one of their makeup kts. Our favorite boyband, already renowned for their ventures into the profitable realm of fruityfloral perfumery, has released three such makeup kits so far. There’s a lot of product in each. You get an eyeshadow palette, a tube of mascara, a chubby eye pencil, a pair of lip products, a nail polish, and a set of body stencils. The last thing’s basically useless, but still– I’d say it’s a pretty good value for less than the cost of one NARS blush.

The kits are cleverly named after the band’s three albums. Take Me Home seems to be mostly neutrals, for that “effortlessly gorgeous, girl-next-door look”– definitely not me. Midnight Memories, on the other hand, features bombshell staples– red lip, smoky eye– for the “rock n’ roll girl”. I already have way too many of those shades, despite not being particularly rock n’ roll. So I went for option three:


One Direction Up All Night Makeup Kit. The artfully desaturated picture of the boys is actually on a plastic sleeve that slips off– the case itself is a mere image of brick. I guess it’s like the equivalent of reading The Hunger Games with a plain white book jacket? I say The Hunger Games (instead of, like, Twilight) because it– like 1D– is a teenybopper pop culture phenomenon that I actually really like.

Availability: $28.50 from Lord and Taylor, Dillard’s, Macy’s, or Boscov’s 

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Review, Swatches & FOTD: LORAC Mint Edition Collection

I snagged this retro-inspired value pack during a LORAC event on Hautelook. I mean, a) it was cheap, b) I needed more one-and-done palettes with eye and cheek products– for, you know, travel and stuff and c) I’ve got a fondness for all things vaguely vintage that feels somewhat perverse and at times #problematic. Whatever. The flash sale’s since expired, and it looks like Ulta’s sold out. But you can still get this bundle for about 58.33% off on the LORAC website! Supposedly that’s part of the brand’s VIP sale, which I believe has been going on since roughly the Tokugawa. But a deal’s a deal!

Silver and Mint Wristlet Bag, Eye/Cheek Palette, and Lips With Benefits Gloss in Christian

Silver and Mint Wristlet Bag, Eye/Cheek Palette, and Lips With Benefits Gloss in Christian

Availability: $15 on LORAC

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Fierce Magenta Redux, or DIY Liquid-to-Matte: Romance, Wild Plum, CosmoBerry & Rave

I just reviewed and swatched a little haul from the Etsy seller Fierce Magenta. The brand’s glosses are marked by radiant color shift, nonsticky wear, and intense shine. But you can also wear them blotted, for a matte lip chockfull of duochrome shimmer.

In each of the following shots, I’m wore three layers of gloss, and blotted after applying each. Every subsequent layer had the effect of packing on more shimmer– a lot of the base color came away with the tissue, but the stubborn little glimmers clung on. If you want a mouth with the gleam of a disco ball, swipe and blot on!

For comparison’s sake, I’ve shown each DIY liquid-to-matte alongside the closest shimmery lip color in my collection. Some of them aren’t very close at all– alas, or actually, hooray?

Three layers of Romance, blotted.

Three layers of Romance, blotted.


Romance, worn as as matte lipstick.

Romance, worn as as matte lipstick.

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Fierce Magenta Review, Swatches & Dupes: Romance, Wild Plum, CosmoBerry, Rave & Medusa

The school year’s started, which means time for selfies, swatching, and mirror-gazing has sadly diminished– at least if I’m going to be virtuous about school stuff. But hey, I’ve already managed to miss the first two days of class. Like my advisor would say, that doesn’t exactly augur well.

I was in DC, having #reunion2014 with my undergrad BFFLs. I’m happy to report that Fyrinnae Queer Theory stayed on my lips throug a seven-mile bike ride on one of the capital trails. (I’m sure that’s not actually a lot of miles in, like, sporty-people land. But usually my only form of exercise is hauling around Endymion Wilkinson’s five-pound manual for Chinese history, and it was my first time on bike since before puberty!) I also managed to shepherd my friend through Sephora, twice! She let me put her purchases on my VIB account, and and my competence at evangelizing wrt makeup bumped me up to Rouge status.

Anyway, now I’m back, and ready to send off the summer with some indie swatches! I’ve got a five lip colors from Fierce Magenta, an undeservedly obscure Etsy vendor of striking duochrome glosses. 

(L-R): Romance, Wild Plum, Rave, CosmoBerry, and Medusa. Fierce Magenta's Etsy storefront in the background.

(L-R): Romance, Wild Plum, Rave, CosmoBerry, and Medusa. Fierce Magenta’s Etsy storefront in the background.

Availability: $7.49 for a sample-size or $9.69 for a full-size lipgloss; $7 for a sample-size or $9.50 for a full-size lipstick from Fierce Magenta

Quantity: 5 mL for a sample-size or 10 mL for a full-size lipgloss; lipstick quantities unspecified

Special Deals: Mix and match three full-size lip products for $24 or five sample sizes for $28

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(Green) lip lab: OCC lip tars in Fragmented and Powerplant

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is liquidating some stock. So I snatched up a couple of green lip tars to play around with. I’ve been eyeing Fragmented— an “acid-green, gold laced metallic”– since the release of its namesake collection, Fragmented Alice. Decided I might as well get the metallic, “emerald green” Powerplant at the same time. You know, because I’m already paying for shipping. If you feel like being my kindred in poor impulse control + consumerist lust, both of these are going for 50% off. They’re limited edition, and supposedly it’s your last chance.

Price and Availability: $9 from OCC Cosmetics

Quantity: 0.33 fl oz / 10 mL

(L-R): OCC Fragmented by itself, OCC Powerplant by itself, Fragmented over Chanel Pirate, Fragmented over Bite Beauty Bordeaux, Fragmented over MAC Ruby Woo, Powerplant over NARS Rue de Rivoli, Powerplant over Nyx Chambord, Powerplant with OCC Hoochie, Powerplant with OCC Rx.

(L-R): OCC Fragmented by itself, OCC Powerplant by itself, Fragmented over Chanel Pirate, Fragmented over Bite Beauty Bordeaux, Fragmented over MAC Ruby Woo, Powerplant over NARS Rue de Rivoli, Powerplant over Nyx Chambord, Powerplant with OCC Hoochie, Powerplant with OCC Rx.

Both of these were “meh” as solo performers– took something like four finicky layers for each one to reach opacity, and even then there was some patchiness. But they’re tons of fun for layering!

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