Fierce Magenta Redux, or DIY Liquid-to-Matte: Romance, Wild Plum, CosmoBerry & Rave

I just reviewed and swatched a little haul from the Etsy seller Fierce Magenta. The brand’s glosses are marked by radiant color shift, nonsticky wear, and intense shine. But you can also wear them blotted, for a matte lip chockfull of duochrome shimmer.

In each of the following shots, I’m wore three layers of gloss, and blotted after applying each. Every subsequent layer had the effect of packing on more shimmer– a lot of the base color came away with the tissue, but the stubborn little glimmers clung on. If you want a mouth with the gleam of a disco ball, swipe and blot on!

For comparison’s sake, I’ve shown each DIY liquid-to-matte alongside the closest shimmery lip color in my collection. Some of them aren’t very close at all– alas, or actually, hooray?

Three layers of Romance, blotted.

Three layers of Romance, blotted.


Romance, worn as as matte lipstick.

Romance, worn as as matte lipstick.

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Fierce Magenta Review, Swatches & Dupes: Romance, Wild Plum, CosmoBerry, Rave & Medusa

The school year’s started, which means time for selfies, swatching, and mirror-gazing has sadly diminished– at least if I’m going to be virtuous about school stuff. But hey, I’ve already managed to miss the first two days of class. Like my advisor would say, that doesn’t exactly augur well.

I was in DC, having #reunion2014 with my undergrad BFFLs. I’m happy to report that Fyrinnae Queer Theory stayed on my lips throug a seven-mile bike ride on one of the capital trails. (I’m sure that’s not actually a lot of miles in, like, sporty-people land. But usually my only form of exercise is hauling around Endymion Wilkinson’s five-pound manual for Chinese history, and it was my first time on bike since before puberty!) I also managed to shepherd my friend through Sephora, twice! She let me put her purchases on my VIB account, and and my competence at evangelizing wrt makeup bumped me up to Rouge status.

Anyway, now I’m back, and ready to send off the summer with some indie swatches! I’ve got a five lip colors from Fierce Magenta, an undeservedly obscure Etsy vendor of striking duochrome glosses. 

(L-R): Romance, Wild Plum, Rave, CosmoBerry, and Medusa. Fierce Magenta's Etsy storefront in the background.

(L-R): Romance, Wild Plum, Rave, CosmoBerry, and Medusa. Fierce Magenta’s Etsy storefront in the background.

Availability: $7.49 for a sample-size or $9.69 for a full-size lipgloss; $7 for a sample-size or $9.50 for a full-size lipstick from Fierce Magenta

Quantity: 5 mL for a sample-size or 10 mL for a full-size lipgloss; lipstick quantities unspecified

Special Deals: Mix and match three full-size lip products for $24 or five sample sizes for $28

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