Review & Swatches: ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Bubbly, Eye Candy, Pop Rocks, Ibiza, Empire & Envy

When it comes to face products, I like to hoard creams. I mean, I like applying them with my fingers– dappling my cheekbones with liquidy pearl, and smudging peach-plum-rose– the texture of jelly– on the apples of my cheek. And I like feeling the emulsions sort of melt onto my face, warm from my fingertips, forgiving of asymmetry. It’s all very pre-K. (Craft time, fingerpaints, the jammy ooze of sandwiches.)

I’m not the kind of beauty junkie who prides herself on mathematically immaculate contours, inscribing the golden ratio in matte powders on my face. I like finishing my makeup with my fingertips rosy as dawn. So it’s probably kind of weird I never got into cream eyeshadows!

I decided to remedy that when I came across ColourPop, an indie brand boasting cream pigments in “a zillion shades, always $5” (they’ve since added lip products to their repertoire). The company notes that their Super Shock Shadows are manufactured stateside, and not tested on animals.

These plush pigments work best applied by hand– you can sheer them out fairly easily onto the lid, but also pat them on in layers for opacity. I did experiment with using an synthetic, angled eyeshadow brush, with mixed results. The fibers packed on pigment to opacity more quickly, and allowed for greater precision than the a fingertip. But the color was more uneven. I also had a problem with them flicking chunks off product out of the package.

(L-R): Bubbly, Eye Candy, Pop Rocks, Ibiza, Empire, and Envy.

(L-R): Bubbly, Eye Candy, Pop Rocks, Ibiza, Empire, and Envy.

Availability: $5 from ColourPop

Quantity: 0.07 oz

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