Review, Swatches & Dupes: By Terry Tint to Lip Water Color Lipstain in Beach Game

It’s Thursday. That means I don’t want to do anything except watch all of the Shonda Rhimes shows while cross-stitching a Latin motto in Baskerville onto some “antique white” Aida cloth. In a second I’m going to do just that. I mean, I’ve finished my work for tomorrow, cooked myself a food item, and even banged out a really terrible abstract for a conference paper– that last one’s only a triumph because it’s not due till December. If anyone knows how to write an abstract for a paper that doesn’t exist yet, plz help. Auxiliary Beauty? Sylirael? Imagine me swaying you with a compelling, puppyish sad face.

Anyway, I’m interrupting a brief stream of drugstore lip stain reviews to bring you a high-end option. By Terry’s Tint to Lip Water Color Lipstain promises a “tattoo hold” for a “tinted pout that won’t feel weighed down”, at least according to its page. The bit of virtual real estate it occupies on Space NK, on the other hand, emphasizes its sheerness– and inclusion of “anti-oxidant Cherry water and plumping Acerola active ingredients”, whatever that means. I’m not a chemist– I just may be mistaken for one based on racial stereotypes. I chose the shade called Beach Game, even though I feel at best kinda “meh” towards beaches in real life– sand, sun, scantily clad strangers, etc. It’s a luminous orange enlivened by gold shimmer, but its sheerness makes it (almost disappointingly) wearable.


Availability: $36 from or Space NK

Quantity: 0.23 fl oz

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