One Lovely Blog Award

Once upon a time, I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the wonderful Gym Bag Makeup. Predictably, I forgot to do the thing, having gotten sidetracked by such distractions as grad school and ABC’s Once Upon a Time. (#SwanQueen)

Time management– unlike hoarding makeup– has never been one of my talents. Like, I literally signed up for this short course that only meets in the month of November, thinking it would of course never be November– the end of history would definitely come before then. Guess what– it’s now the month of November! And I require quite beauty blogosphere memes to console me in the face of all the extra work I’m about to do.

I’d like to thank Gym Bag Makeup for the nomination slash valuable procrastination fodder! You should check out her blog.



The Rules

You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

You must list the rules and display the award.

You must add 7 facts about yourself.

You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated

You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

My 7 facts:

1. One time I rolled over in the middle of the night, poked my boyfriend awake, and told him I wanted to become a medievalist. (I meant in the white-people sense– saints’ lives and black death!) Obviously that didn’t end up happening. But I’m teaching the medieval history survey in the spring, so that’s kind of a thing?

2. I used to sew a lot, and I want to get back into it. I still think of myself as a Person Who Sews! (Just like I kept thinking of myself as a Person Who Wrote long after I stopped writing for pleasure, ha.)

3. Corollary to the above: I mostly sew by hand. This is, of course, so I can watch TV. The only thing I’ve made entirely by machine was an Edwardian-style corset. Hashtag Luddite irony!



The corset in question! It’s actually only “Edwardian-inspired” in that it has a flat front. I drafted the pattern myself, of which fact I am immensely proud, because it involved math.


4. When I’m old and my hair’s gone white, I’m going to grow it out to terminal length and dye it some cotton-candy anime color– I’m thinking lavender or robin’s egg blue. The ever-lovely Dame Helen Mirren is my inspiration.




5. I love food, but I (mostly) hate to cook. I had MealSquares for dinner pretty much every night last month, and I just got my shipment of Soylent. I am that lazy. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d photosynthesize and just have ice cream recreationally.

6. In high school I was completely obsessed with the novel Ender’s Game and its sequels. I finally got the boyfriend to read them, so I’ve been thinking about them a lot again lately. (Still not over my disillusionment with Orson Scott Card!)

7. Speaking of Ender’s Game— my mental image of Peter Wiggin, Hegemon of Earth, head of the great world state? Looks pretty much like Harry Styles. You see it, right?

Harry Styles for Hegemon of Earth 2014.

Harry Styles for Hegemon, 2014.


The 15 people I nominate are:

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4 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you! This post reminds me that I never wrote my Liebster Award post, either, because I’m equally bad at time management. Bah.

    Harry Styles has to be one of the most beautiful humans on earth. He’s so beautiful I’m not even attracted to him, you know? Various people have been telling me to read Ender’s Game since middle school, but I’ve never gotten around to it. Also, THAT CORSET. I am in awe of your skills!


    • Awwh, thank you! I keep meaning to make another one– I invested in all this hardware that really deserves to be used! And I’m going to cosign the request that you read Ender’s Game. It was pretty much my gospel during secondary ed, and it remains really important to me. And you can tell me how you feel about my fancasting of Harry Styles!


  2. I am incredibly impressed with your corset creation skills. Basically you are a wizard.

    How did I not know that there are sequels to Ender’s Game?! I will say that I looked up Orson Scott Card while I was reading EG and my disillusionment tainted the last half of the book. I hate that. I really need to curb the googling of authors mid book.

    As always, a lovely post! 🙂


    • Haha, it has a lot of problems if you look at it up close!

      Oh man, there are a lot of sequels. And they vary widely in quality (but I still read almost all of them because I got emotionally invested and it was too late for me)! The reproductive politics get really weird, and OSC also writes very strange things about China/Chinese people. But I love Ender, I can’t stahp. 😛


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