Liebster Award

The lovely Audrey from Blushable Me tagged me for the Liebster award forever ago! I promised I’d do it the next time I was questing for procrastination fodder, but I ended up procrastinating on my procrastination and… But anyway, here it is! The Liebster is a cute meme-cum-questionnaire that’s been making the rounds among the beauty blogging community– once tagged, you answer some questions furnished by your tagger, and then you pay it forward by nominating three other blogs you like and providing the with questions of your own. Having been tagged, I feel like I’ve Made It as a small-time indie beauty blogger! liebster-award1

Audrey’s Questions:

1. Which country would you like to visit, if you were going there to buy a bunch of new makeup that isn’t currently available to you?

Probably the UK, so I could get my hands on some Illamasqua without having to pay those astronomical shipping fees!

2. What coverage of foundation do you prefer? What product to you use to achieve that coverage?

I usually prefer lighter coverage– I totally did the pancake makeup thing in high school, when I had a high schooler’s acne and fragile self-esteem, and I’m finally over that! Now I use a BB cream and buff it in with the Sedona Lace Flat Top Buffer. But my BB cream– a Korean import from Skin79— is actually pretty heavy-duty. I’ve been thinking about transitioning to a tinted moisturizer, as my increasing vigilance wrt skincare starts to yield some results.

Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream

Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream

3. If you could only wear one blush for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

I’m going to go with TheBalm Shadow/Blush in CabanaBoyIt’s a pretty plum, heavily pigmented but blendable, and I think it would work well in a variety of contexts.

TheBalm Shadow/Blush in CabanaBoy

TheBalm Shadow/Blush in CabanaBoy

4. What is one of your HG products?

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Mascara! I used to call mascara the “excrement of the devil”– an appellation for oil, actually, from this documentary I had to watch at nerd camp when I was a high school junior. But this stuff seriously makes me look like I’m wearing falsies.


Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Mascara

5. What’s a product that you really wanted to work out, but you just couldn’t make it work?

Hmm, I’ve actually had pretty decent luck with my purchases– no huge misses! I guess there are some perfumes I thought I would love based on the notes listed on Fragrantica or whatever, that turned out to be somewhat underwhelming IRL. The first example that comes to mind is Serge Lutens Jeux de Peaux, which smelled kind of uninterestingly flat and sweet on me.

6. Where do you get your inspiration for makeup looks?

Everywhere! Other makeup bloggers for sure, and things I’ve read and have been nerding out about. Also, the products themselves– especially eyeshadow palette. I also tend to coordinate my makeup with my outfits, which I’ve been told is a stylistic no-no, but whatever. Blue dress + blue eyeshadow is a perfectly serviceable look in my opinion!

7. When it comes to lips, do you prefer products with sheer or opaque pigmentation?

I love opaque, matte reds.

8. How do you like your eyeliner?

I usually do some variant of the so-called puppy eye, where you extend the line over your upper eyelid downward. I’d been doing it that way for years– since high school, actually!– without realizing this was A Thing. In terms of formula, I tend to like pencils better than liquid eyeliner. Not coordinated enough to get that stuff to apply symmetrically, alas.

9. How many days a week to you actually wear makeup?

7/7. I actually tend to wear more dramatic makeup if I plan on slumping around at home all day– no one to judge me for rocking a sparkly blue lip or a bathetic ballet-villainess eye look!

10.  What has been your favorite part of blogging, so far?

I love chatting with other beauty bloggers. I also appreciate the fact that I’ve encountered so many demographically similar folks in the blogosphere, i.e. nerdy humanities grad students who spend their stipends at Sephora!

Bonus: To date, what’s been your favorite post that you’ve made?

Hmm, probably my round-up of Fyrinnae Lip Lustres, for the fairly shallow reason that it got picked up by Powder Doom, one of my favorite beauty blogs!

My questions for you:

1. If you could do makeup for any fashion house during NYFW, which one would you pick?

2. What’s your favorite drugstore brand?

3. What’s the most expensive beauty purchase you’ve ever made, and was it worth it?

4. What’s the number one covetable on your wish list right now?

5. Do you tend to listen to music when you do your makeup? If so, what’s on your playlist?

6. What, if any, is the one beauty product you won’t leave home without applying?

7. If you had to try out a Radical New Hairstyle, what would you have done?

8. Choose a fictional character to serve as the basis of a FOTD.

9. What LE or discontinued item are you still pining over?

10. What would you call your own beauty brand?

I tag (sorry if this has already gotten around to you!):

Auxiliary Beauty

Natzi’s Stash

The Painted Rogue


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Hooray, thanks for tagging me! I’ll have to give a lot of thought to your questions, particularly #8. So many literary options!

    There really is a surprisingly large nerd population in the beauty blogosphere, isn’t there? That’s the main reason I stopped reading (most) fashion blogs and started reading so many beauty blogs, actually. Beauty bloggers tend to be smart, obsessed with tiny details, and willing to take inspiration from a huge range of sources, whereas much of the fashion blogosphere has turned into a wasteland of Valentino Rockstuds and gratuitous affiliate links…


    • I feel like somewhere there should be a beauty blogger PhD listserv, so we could all meet up at MLA or whatever. (Well, I guess I wouldn’t be at MLA. But– conferences!)


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