Review: Fyrinnae Powder Blush in Royalty

I’m thinking about adopting a more conservative day-to-day makeup look, since I’ll be teaching undergrads for the first time this term– don’t wanna scare all the baby historians with red-rimmed eyes and sea-witch lips. I’m thinking taupes for the eyes, and dark, muted matte red lipstick. I vaguely remember reading something about how wearing lipstick with a high degree of “luminosity contrast” (with respect to, like, the rest of your face, I guess) makes people see you as more authoritative. That is my pedagogical reason for not just wearing a nude lip.

But if I’m going to be expanding my repertoire of nude eye looks on teaching days, I’ll have to compensate by breaking out the weird colors every weekend. To that end, I give you– purple blush! This is Royalty, one of Fyrinnae’s loose powder blushes, in a “vibrant violet”. Worn with a stroke of pearly highlighter– I favor NARS Copacabana— it looks wonderfully ethereal, and a little scary. I think avenging angel, or the goddess Persephone.


Availability: $6.50 for a full size or $1.75 for a sample from Fyrinnae

The label on the back of the sample jar

The label on the back of the sample jar

Swatched over bare skin. The first line is packed on fairly heavily; the second is sheered out.

Swatched over bare skin. The first line is packed on fairly heavily; the second is sheered out.







Fyrinnae emphasizes that Royalty “doesn’t blend down to a warm shade” and notes that it “will rub down to a blue-violet hue, but with gentle blending or heavier application will remain more purple”. I’d call it a slightly muted true purple– cool-toned, but leaning neither pink nor blue. It’s got a floral quality– this isn’t an edible purple, and it’s got nothing of the Jolly Rancher or the grape soda about it. It has very fine, highly dispersed microshimmer, although it reads as nearly matte on the skin. If you lean in close, you can see tiny points of brightness.

Like most loose powder blushes, Royalty is a little tricky to apply. It was especially hard in a little sample jar– it’s barely twice the width of my thumb in diameter, and it doesn’t really accommodate my blush brush. But I got some application tips from Jamie, who recently reviewed a batch of loose powder shadows– same principle. She recommends swirling your brush in the lid to shake off the excess and disperse the color more evenly.

I actually started patting it on with a contour brush– it’s smaller than the one I usually use to blush, and better for the precision work these messy powders demand. I swept it closer to the hollows under my cheeks than to the apples– since it’s such a cool (in both sense of the term) and shadowy color, I thought it would make an excellent, if unconventional, contour.

I used a light touch, and on my skin the purple was fairly muted– a little lilac, and almost grayed out. There’s something of a bruise about it. even though it doesn’t look like organic bruising. It also reminded me a little of (otherworldly) ash– let’s say fairy ash, in place of fairy dust.

Overall, Royalty‘s texture is finely milled and blendable– you could even sweep it on by hand and blend it with the pads of your fingers, if you don’t mind getting gray-violet dust on everything else you touch. If you’re in the market for a true purple blush, I’d say go for it.

Full Face:

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