Review: OCC Nail Lacquer in Just the Same

I’ve been hoarding nail polish for a long time– since the only makeup I owned was those Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers, actually. I even wrote a college app essay on home manicures. (It was for Stanford, and yes, I actually got in. I mean, after languishing forever on the waitlist!) My little sister inherited my high school collection (mostly OPI), but since I started my PhD program last August, I’ve somehow managed to amass half a shoebox full of new lacquers.

I’m trying to be a little more judicious about adding to my nail polish stash. Still, I couldn’t resist picking up at least one 50% off bottle from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I mean, I was already paying shipping for some green lip tars, which you can see reviewed here.

OCC has some seven lacquers on sale right now– a trio of reds, a gilded taupe metallic, and another trio of blues. I went for Just the Same, a “deep blue velvet shimmer”. (The nomenclature here’s very mysterious to me, but that’s whatever.) The blue tends toward green– I’d say it’s almost a blackened turquoise, and there’s some aquamarine microshimmer that gives it an abyssal depth. I feel like most brands tend to go for brighter turquoises. There’s nothing else quite like this in my collection.


Two layers of Just the Same with a layer of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I’m wearing a handmade dress in tomato-print quilting cotton!

Availability: $5 from OCC Cosmetics

Quantity: 0.5 oz

I like the color a lot– I keep my nails short, so I tend to favor dark, shimmery lacquers for a little bit of drama. The formula’s also a winner. I applied two coats almost out of habit, since the first went on more-or-less opaque. And my paint job went on smoothly, even though I’m just about the sloppiest home manicurist ever (don’t tell Stanford!).

The only problem I had was with the brush. I found it unusually flexible, so it would sort of bend around in weird, potentially disadvantageous ways when I was painting. (Floppiness is the enemy of precision!) But I don’t really mind– I’m always peeling excess polish off my cuticles, once I’ve had a chance to give my freshly manicured hands a soak.

Taken without flash.

Taken without flash.

Taken with flash.

Taken with flash.

The bottle.

The bottle.

... And here's the back.

… And here’s the back.

Just so you know I got the name right.

Just so you know I got the name right.


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