(Green) lip lab: OCC lip tars in Fragmented and Powerplant

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is liquidating some stock. So I snatched up a couple of green lip tars to play around with. I’ve been eyeing Fragmented— an “acid-green, gold laced metallic”– since the release of its namesake collection, Fragmented Alice. Decided I might as well get the metallic, “emerald green” Powerplant at the same time. You know, because I’m already paying for shipping. If you feel like being my kindred in poor impulse control + consumerist lust, both of these are going for 50% off. They’re limited edition, and supposedly it’s your last chance.

Price and Availability: $9 from OCC Cosmetics

Quantity: 0.33 fl oz / 10 mL

(L-R): OCC Fragmented by itself, OCC Powerplant by itself, Fragmented over Chanel Pirate, Fragmented over Bite Beauty Bordeaux, Fragmented over MAC Ruby Woo, Powerplant over NARS Rue de Rivoli, Powerplant over Nyx Chambord, Powerplant with OCC Hoochie, Powerplant with OCC Rx.

(L-R): OCC Fragmented by itself, OCC Powerplant by itself, Fragmented over Chanel Pirate, Fragmented over Bite Beauty Bordeaux, Fragmented over MAC Ruby Woo, Powerplant over NARS Rue de Rivoli, Powerplant over Nyx Chambord, Powerplant with OCC Hoochie, Powerplant with OCC Rx.

Both of these were “meh” as solo performers– took something like four finicky layers for each one to reach opacity, and even then there was some patchiness. But they’re tons of fun for layering!

By itself, Fragmented is a brash yellow-green warmed by gold microshimmer. Like I said, it takes a little finagling to get it to tube-level hue. But I think the result’s weirdly compelling– and surprisingly flattering, if you’re into that. It’s pretty, in a sci-fi princess way. (The color’s brazen artificiality evokes some kind of glitzy, technologically pimped-out dream-future– this isn’t a green you find in nature. And the metallic luster connotes royalty. That’s how it works inside my head.) But I find it a little too high-maintenance for daily wear. I feel like I’m way less tolerate of touchups than most lipstick junkies….


I hold dominion over distant galaxies, or w/e.

Then we’ve got Powerplant, a cooler, darker shade on the green side of aquamarine. Despite the postindustrial name, I’m getting a fey vibe from this one– botanical poisons, gemmy wings. Fantasy to Fragmented‘s sci-fi. This one also wears on the thinner and patchier side.


Some concoction of mint, venom, and fairy dust. Idk if salubrious or lethal.

So then I started experimenting!. First up– Fragmented + Chanel Pirate. Pirate‘s a classic, blue-based red– imminently wearable luxury I reach for whenever I want something a little more hydrating than Ruby Woo. I stippled a sheer layer of the acid green on top, and then patted some extra right at the center of my mouth. Fragmented added some depth and glimmer. And the concentration at the center made my lips look fuller (and also, I guess, more avant-garde– “editorial” if you like.)


Fragmented over Pirate.

Next, I sheered out Fragmented in an thin, even layer over Bite Beauty’s Cashmere Lip Cream in Bordeaux. Bordeaux isn’t my favorite. It’s a gorgeous deep red with purple undertones, but the doe-foot applicator is super soft and floppy– I swear, it’s the enemy of precision. I have a lot of trouble getting the color to apply evenly, resulting in some dark patches that remind me of clotted blood. Which is A Look, but… Anyway, adding a wash of Fragmented turned Bordeaux a rich, winey brown, enlivened by gold shimmer. There’s still something sanguine about it, But I think I appreciate that.


Fragmented lightly layered over Bordeaux. ’90’s vampire glam.

 Next, I tried lightly layered Fragmented over Ruby Woo. It gave the aggressively flat matte some depth and gloss– looks pretty similar to the Pirate combo, actually.


Ruby Woo + Fragmented + crooked smile = OT3, obvs.

I also played around with Powerplant. My go-to bluelipstick hack is layering the stuff over matching eyeliner, so I tried the same trick with this fussy emerald. I grabbed the only green in my eyeliner stash– NARS’s Larger than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue de Rivoli. It’s a “metallic forest green”, according to the official story– a little darker than Powerplant, and less inclined towards blue. Makes a decent base for richer, more even application without changing Powerplant‘s color too much. I think it just depends it slightly.


Eyeliner as lipliner? It’s not technically lip-safe, but nothing terrible’s happened to me so far. Yay?

I also layered it pretty thickly over Chambord, Nyx’s black Macaron Lippy. The result was a dark, cool, slightly morbid shimmer– I think of (aesthetically pleasing) decay. A slightly gothy green fairy.


Powerplant over Chambord.

Finally, inspired by Mai’s experiments, I decided to whip up some custom colors using Powerplant and a couple of other lip tars in my stash. I added a couple of green drops to Hoochie— an alleged “extreme magenta” I’ve always read as more of a bright purple. Powerplant darkened it and also cooled it down a bit. It didn’t impart too much noticeable shimmer.

Hoochie and Powerplant.

On the left side, Hoochie by itself. On the right side, Hoochie mixed with Powerplant.

I also swirled in some Powerplant with a little Rx. I love the color of that one– a bright primary blue– but I’ve historically had some issues. It goes on patchy for me, and it feathers like woah. But I mixed it with Powerplant anyway, using a pretty even green-blue ratio. The result was a dreamy seapunk teal that weirdly has fewer coverage issues than either component color on its own The whole is more than the sum of its parts? Whatever.


On the left, Rx by itself. On the right, Rx plus Powerplant.

I feel like I’m not going to get the most use out of this pair of greens, but I can’t say I regret buying them. I think playing low-stakes mad scientist with lip tars is a pretty good use of my time.

Full Face:

Eyes: Too Faced Brow Envy, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Mascara, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Desperation, TheBalm Balm Voyage! Holiday Face Palette eyeshadows in A4, B4, B1, and C1

Face: Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus, Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette in No.2, NARS Illuminator in Copacabana, contour with L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder in Cocoa


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